Elbit Systems of America announces FirstNet ready WideBridge Cloud system

Elbit square 112Elbit Systems of America, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Elbit Systems Ltd based in Fort Worth, TX, announced on March 18 the launching of the next generation of a cloud based, unified public safety mission-critical broadband communications services – the WideBridge Cloud applications suite.

WideBridge Cloud provides a cloud-based foundational set of secure applications delivering mission-critical broadband voice, video, and data services that meet the evolving 3GPP Mission Critical Push-to-Talk (MCPTT) standards. The suite provides First Responders with the communications tools they need to align with a 3GPP MCPTT standards interoperable system, using FirstNet 700 MHz, Band Class 14 LTE network and commercial LTE networks.

WideBridge Cloud provides a secure applications ecosystem for broadband real-time voice, video, and data services with interoperability between P25 LMR and LTE to increase situational awareness and utility. WideBridge is delivered via a SaaS model and includes user authentication, authorization, monitoring and management, enabling secured communications and collaboration to help public safety personnel save lives and keep safe, turning First Responders into SmartResponders.

WideBridge Cloud servers, hosted as a virtual framework in a commercial or federal cloud, are equipped with carrier grade building blocks such as IMS core and access, IMS conventional services, Service Delivery Platform, secure access gateways, Identity Credential and Access Management solution (ICAM), P25 interoperability gateways, MDM, and additional features.

WideBridge Cloud’s mobile platform, based on an Elbit Systems specific implementation of the Spirent BeeHD framework, provides a secured suite, superior audio quality and 3rd party SDK on any device including iOS and Android smartphones, tablets and PCs. It is optimized to consume low power while ensuring the reliability of incoming IMS SIP calls, to enhance situational awareness and incident management services. It enables VoLTE calls, streaming video, Push-to-Talk, Push-to-Video, voice and video conferencing, media broadcast and interoperability between P25 radio handsets and LTE smartphones.

“Elbit Systems of America understands the need to establish interoperable broadband solutions for the FirstNet LTE infrastructure. The WideBridge Cloud system will provide the nation’s first responders an ability to use  secure mobile public safety communications solutions for a variety of applications and scenarios,” stated Raanan Horowitz, Elbit Systems of America president and chief executive officer. “Widebridge Cloud is another important evidence of our commitment to provide Homeland Security and the public safety community with superior operational solutions.  Whether securing the boarder or ensuring communications flow and interoperability, we have a rich history and strategic focus on providing innovative solutions for the most difficult problems of our customers.”

Source: Elbit Systems of America