Edgewater wins FBI IT contract

On June 14, Frederick, MD-based Edgewater Federal Solutions, Inc. announced that it was awarded a five-year, $138 million contract to support the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) Information Technology Infrastructure Division (ITID).

This Data Center IT Professional Engineering and Support Services (ITPES) contract meets the FBI’s need to have reliable IT infrastructure systems available 24x7x365 to support the organization’s mission of protecting the nation from threats and bringing to justice those who violate the law. To this end, Edgewater will provide enterprise IT services, including the design, build, development, implementation, integration, testing, documentation, and maintenance of systems within the FBI’s data centers, remote offices, and commercial cloud facilities.

“Edgewater is thrilled to expand its work with the Department of Justice (DOJ) and support the FBI’s mission-critical data centers. With our well-established team and partner network, we’ll work together to seamlessly provide industry-best lifecycle IT support to over 30,000 devices and 9,500 servers,” stated Dave Yockman, Edgewater CEO.

Source: Edgewater

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