ODNI releases commercially available information report

On June 14, Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines issued the following statement:

“Given the increasing volume of data that is commercially available, I established a Senior Advisory Group Panel on Commercially Available Information and asked them to make recommendations to the Intelligence Community (IC) regarding how and under what circumstances the IC should use commercially available information, and in particular, to reflect on the existing framework for ensuring the protection of privacy and civil liberties. The panel prepared a thorough report, along with key recommendations, which we are now considering and working to implement.”

“I believe the public should have some sense of the policies and procedures that govern our activities in protecting national security and civil liberties and privacy. Consistent with this, when asked by Senator Wyden to review for classification purposes this report and release whatever is unclassified, I readily agreed to do so. Moreover, as I have indicated previously, once we finalize our framework for dealing with such information based on the panel’s recommendations, we will make as much of it publicly available as possible. I remain committed to sharing as much as possible about the IC’s activities with the American people.”

Download the report here.

Source: ODNI

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