ECS wins prime position on FBI cybersecurity contract

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has named Fairfax, VA-based ECS the prime awardee of a $38 million contract to manage the Bureau’s Cybersecurity Red and Blue Team (“REBL”) Program, and its Enterprise Compliance and Continuous Monitoring Support Program. The mission-oriented programs are designed to secure and monitor FBI networks from internal and external threat actors, the company announced February 20.

Over a six-year period of performance, ECS will deploy remote and on-premise cybersecurity solutions to continually enhance the FBI’s security posture, identify risk to missions, respond to security incidents, and actively hunt for vulnerabilities and threats. ECS will apply threat- and risk-driven methodologies to actively defend systems and networks across the Bureau: the ECS Red Team will leverage offensive tools and techniques to emulate cyber threats, while the ECS Blue Team will perform advanced operational vulnerability assessments and provide incident response and threat-hunting services.

ECS will also manage the technical infrastructure of the Bureau’s information security unit, conduct threat and vulnerability research, and coordinate the unit’s cybersecurity operations. In the performance of this contract, ECS will draw on an extensive history providing advanced cybersecurity support to clients including the Department of Energy, Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Army, and U.S. Navy. The company will add value to the FBI by detecting and preventing cyber-based threats, as well as responding to and recovering from incidents within FBI systems and networks.

“At ECS, we’ve integrated our Cybersecurity Center of Excellence with a dynamic law enforcement practice that supports and protects some of our nation’s most critical agencies,” said George Wilson, president of ECS. “We are proud to provide the skills, knowledge, and creativity needed to secure the systems and networks of the FBI.”

Source: ECS