DNI Haines holds joint IC council

On August 6, Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines convened the Joint Intelligence Community Council (JICC) to promote and strengthen coordinated Intelligence Community support to the existing interagency efforts to address anomalous health incidents (AHI) affecting U.S. Government personnel and their families.

The JICC is a statutory body that assists the Director in developing and implementing a joint, unified national intelligence effort to protect national security. In addition to the Council’s statutory members, the Director invited additional Intelligence Community components to participate in the meeting.

Friday’s meeting included briefings from a wide range of experts. Additionally, the JICC participants unanimously agreed to support the National Security Council-led interagency efforts to address AHI and expressed their view that it is a top priority to identify the cause of AHI, provide the highest level of care to those affected, and prevent such incidents from continuing.

Participants also made clear that they will support those affected by AHI to ensure they are believed, heard, and respected, and will work together, including through the sharing of relevant information and by following agreed, standardized medical protocols.

Source: ODNI