DLT adds nine cybersecurity vendors to portfolio

DLT Solutions, based in Herndon, VA, announced on August 14 the addition of multiple new technology vendors to its growing cybersecurity portfolio. These vendors provide U.S. government agencies with the tools they need to meet the continuous diagnostics and monitoring (CDM) mandate requirements from the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), as well as employ cloud services and the Zero Trust framework to balance user access with network integrity. 

“More than 35,000 cybersecurity incidents were reported by civilian agencies in fiscal year 2017 and incidents like these continue to impact our government,” said Brian Strosser, DLT Solutions president. “While the U.S. government is facing challenges with the increasing number threats and retaining cybersecurity personnel, DLT is supporting our U.S. public sector customers with the broadest set of channel partners and cybersecurity tools, in an effort to improve each agency’s risk management posture.”

“As threats to the U.S. government’s networks, data, and other critical components evolve, DLT is continuing to strengthen our technology vendor portfolio and key partnerships, so the U.S. government can remain secure and agencies can focus on their missions,” continued Strosser.

New additions to the DLT cybersecurity technology vendor portfolio include:

  • BitSight 
  • Corsa
  • FireMon 
  • Flashpoint
  • Glasswall
  • IDaptive
  • ObserveIT 
  • Swimlane 
  • ThreatStop

Source: DLT