DIA releases lab opps presolicitation notice

On November 9, the Defense Intelligence Agency posted a presolicitation notice for the upcoming Laboratory Operations and Support RFP. Questions are due by November 17, according to SAM.

The Virginia Contracting Activity, on behalf of the Missile and Space Intelligence Center (MSIC), Building 4545, Fowler Road, Redstone Arsenal, AL 35898-5500, is issuing a Pre-Solicitation to provide industry a question and answer opportunity to clarify proposed requirements and to determine the number of support service providers for Laboratory Operations and Support requirements.

The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) requires contractor support to accomplish diverse scientific and technical intelligence missions associated with the Missile and Space

Intelligence Center, Program Management Division (MSIC4) and the Joint Foreign Material Program Office (JFMPO). This scope addresses laboratory operation, laboratory support requirements, cross-functional logistic support requirements, and Joint Captured Material Exploitation Center (JCMEC) support for the JFMPO.

DIA Missile and Space Intelligence Center (MSIC) serves as the DOD Executive Agent for procurement, shipment, explosive handling, storage, inventory and data basing of assigned foreign missile and directed energy weapon system hardware. As Executive Agent, DIA/MSIC operates, maintains and upgrades infrastructure that IS used to exploit and test foreign hardware both for DIA/MSIC mission areas and for other DOD organizations.

Full information is available here.

Source: SAM