DIA publishes FY24 Forecast Notice

On August 11, the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) issued its FY24 Forecast Notice.

The Defense Intelligence Agency published the FY24 consolidated procurement forecast.  Please note there are two versions:

1) an unclassified (24-DIA-0001) version

2) a complete listing that is classified incorporating the unclassified requirements (24-DIA-0002)

The forecast is subject to change due to changes in mission priorities and should be used as a general guide for planning purposes only. This forecast does include task orders under existing DIA IDIQs.  For additional questions, please contact the Virginia Contracting Activity via unclassified email at va_contracting_activity_actions@dodiis.mil or classified email at VA_Contracting_Activity_Actions@coe.ic.gov.

To view the full DIA Industry Forecast, please visit the following websites:

NRO ACE:  https://acq.westfields.net


NSA ARC:  www.nsaarc.net/dashboard

For access to the forecast, ensure you follow the directions to register for the ACE/ARC.

Review the full DIA FY24 Forecast Notice.

Source: SAM

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