‘Data Summit’ conference begins in Manhattan on May 13

Data Summit The Data Summit conference, which opens May 13, will be held at the New York Hilton Midtown in New York City.

Data Summit, created for IT practitioners and business stakeholders alike, delivers a comprehensive two-day event covering the key issues in the world of data management and analysis.

Attendees have the opportunity to attend more than 30 sessions, including preconference workshops, which begin on May 12. Sessions are led by industry-leading speakers, helping participants master leading technologies and techniques for becoming a data-driven organization.

Topics will include:

  • The journey to becoming a data-driven enterprise;
  • Big Data technologies, including Hadoop, NoSQL, and in-memory databases;
  • Optimizing an organization’s IT infrastructure for volume, variety, velocity, and value;
  • Key considerations for governance, security and privacy in the era of Big Data;
  • Increasing efficiency through new Cloud technologies and deployment strategies;
  • Innovative solutions for complex data and application integration challenges;
  • Tools and techniques reshaping the world of business intelligence.

The conference features the top companies in the industry in its Data Solutions Showcase, which will include HP Autonomy, Search Technologies, Attunity Ltd., Basho Technologies, Myriad Solutions, Inc., and SiSense.

To register to attend the Data Summit conference, click here.