Cubic names Darryl Albertson as chief diversity officer

CubicCubic Corporation of San Diego, CA announced on August 23 the naming of Darryl Albertson as the new chief human resources and diversity officer. In this newly created role, Albertson will broaden Cubic’s commitment to supporting and promoting diversity and inclusion initiatives among its customers, suppliers and employees. Albertson has served as the vice president of corporate human resources since joining Cubic in September 2013.

“With Cubic’s rich history of innovation, it’s imperative that we embrace diversity within the company and encourage employees to contribute new and different ideas,” said Bradley Feldmann, president and chief executive officer, Cubic Corporation. “Darryl plays an integral role in bringing qualified talent to Cubic and his new role will become even more important as we formally expand diversity into our company culture.”

“Cubic is committed to diversity in its broadest sense. Promoting diversity and inclusion is not only the right thing to do, but also a business imperative,” said Albertson. “One of our key strategies is to attract, develop and retain superior and diverse talent. I look forward to developing talent who are open to growing their careers at Cubic and possess a wide variety of backgrounds and styles.”

Prior to joining Cubic, Albertson held various leadership roles in human resources, including the positions of vice president of global learning, vice president of international human resources and vice president of talent management at CareFusion. He also served as vice president of talent management for Cardinal Health and was senior director of human resources for Pfizer. Albertson earned his Ph.D. in communications from University of Southern California and received both bachelor’s and master’s degrees from San Diego State University.

Source: Cubic Corporation