Versive announces strategic partnership with Cloudera

Seattle, WA-based Versive announced a strategic partnership with Palo Alto, CA-based Cloudera on August 8. The joint solution enables organizations to fill the most urgent enterprise cybersecurity gap: the ability to automatically detect advanced persistent cyber threats across the network. The partnership combines Versive’s advanced AI technology with Cloudera’s advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities to create the only enterprise-scale, automated, adversary detection solution.

“Cloudera has established itself as the premier provider of enterprise-grade, big-data deployments,” said Versive CEO Joe Polverari. “On the foundation of Apache Hadoop, Spark, and Spot, Versive is revolutionizing how enterprises address the most dangerous, persistent cyber threats by automatically detecting previously invisible, high-risk threats that no other tool can see. Our vision is that every corporate security organization will be powered by advanced AI, and together Versive and Cloudera are the foundation.”

The Versive Security Engine, driven by Cloudera’s core infrastructure, is built on an extensible platform designed to systematically automate and enhance human expertise with advanced AI, detecting never-before-seen threats with unparalleled precision. Since Versive is a software-only solution built on open-source technologies, it is both more transparent and more actionable than any AI-powered security product on the market today.

“The key to an effective modern security strategy is to achieve comprehensive enterprise visibility by centralizing your sensor, telemetry, and context data, and using sophisticated artificial intelligence to make sense of it all. Using the Cloudera platform, Apache Spot’s open-data models, and the Versive Security Engine, enterprises can detect attackers that would be unseen with other approaches,” said Sam Heywood, director of Cloudera cybersecurity strategy.

Source: Versive