Content Science debuts ContentWRX Snapscore, a free content evaluation tool

Colleen Jones
Colleen Jones

Content Science announced on Oct. 16 the release of ContentWRX Snapscore, a free content evaluation tool that helps organizations gain quick insight into whether their Web content is effective.

The tool provides organizations an easy way to sample the benefits of evaluating content and of ContentWRX, the flagship content evaluation platform.

“ContentWRX Snapscore gives a glimpse into what hassle-free assessment of web content is like no matter your organization’s size or your role,” said Content Science principal and co-founder Colleen Jones. “Whether you’re a small business or an enterprise, a writer or an executive, ContentWRX Snapscore can give you useful content insight within 1-2 days.”

ContentWRX Snapscore evaluates content by collecting feedback from a small sample of real users as they complete a task. The tool then applies an algorithm to produce an effectiveness score. The score displays in a dashboard along with results segmented by user device (desktop, tablet, or phone) and targeted recommendations for improvement.

As a barrier-free way to start evaluating content, ContentWRX Snapscore is uniquely positioned to serve people who are

  • Launching a new or redesigned Website;
  • Experimenting with new types of content;
  • Starting a content evaluation program or expanding one;
  • Building a case for content work.

“Snapscore puts part of the powerful technology behind the ContentWRX platform into the hands of anyone who wants to give it a try,” said ContentWRX Cofounder and Chief Technology Officer Jason Gilstrap. “While ContentWRX Snapscore doesn’t yield the same comprehensive, automated evaluation as a full ContentWRX account, it does provide a quick first step for organizations to get actionable feedback on their content.”