Cedar Solutions acquires Omnyon

On April 16, Cedar Solutions Group announced its acquisition of Omnyon, a leading IT services, data science, and software engineering services provider in the national security sector. The company will continue to operate independently within Cedar’s family of companies.

Founded in 2011 in Annapolis, MD, Omnyon has supported a wide range of mission-critical programs in the national security sector, including, but not limited to, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cyber security, high-performance computing, and data analytics. The company has a significant track record of developing and delivering best-in-class talent to its end customers and has established itself as an employer of choice in the broader intelligence community.

“Omnyon is a really unique company,” said Matthew Wagner, head of M&A for Cedar Solutions Group. “Their employee centric philosophy and mission-focus is impressive at its scale and stood out to us. We couldn’t be more honored Omnyon trusted us to be their partner and to continue its legacy.”

The partnership accelerates Omnyon’s diverse operations while deepening its commitment to innovative solutions for its partners. Cedar’s long-term investment approach, broader community of intelligence community contractors, and customer intimacy promises to further Omnyon’s growth and reputation as a partner of choice in the intelligence community.

“Omnyon was founded on three core strategies. We form and maintain long-term strategic partnerships; we deliver an uncompromised level of excellence; and we maintain a culture that attracts and retains a team that will retire with us,” said Tim Gorski, Omnyon’s founder. “When initially talking to Cedar, we were impressed by how much our values aligned. This strategic partnership marks a significant milestone in our journey, and we are confident that it will propel us to new heights of success.”

Source: Cedar Solutions Group

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