SAIC, Community DNS offer new cyber defense solution

Large-scale, persistent Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks directed at cyber infrastructure are becoming a major threat to our federal government and commercial customers. DDoS attacks slow down, or in some cases, completely block access to websites or services.

Science Applications International Corp. with Community DNS LLC will now offer an innovative set of advanced cybersecurity and intelligence services to mitigate DDoS and other DNS based attacks, the Reston, VA-based company announced February 21. These offerings will give customers an innovative and cost effective solution without purchasing software or hardware for their infrastructure.

“Community DNS is a leading Internet operations, security, and DNS service provider. Partnering with Community DNS enables SAIC to offer services that may prevent regrettable events from unfolding,” said Paul Welch, SAIC vice president of cyber solutions. “These threats are constantly evolving. Together, we are working to provide customers with solutions that address a top pain point without requiring burdensome network software deployments.”

DDoS attacks can overwhelm a site with malicious requests. These attacks are increasingly targeting network infrastructure and the Domain Name System (DNS); the system that translates domain names to IP addresses.

This new offering joins SAIC’s as-a-service (aaS) cyber suite that offers mitigation capabilities that block and protect organizations against large scale DDoS attacks at or near the point of attack. By focusing on the point of attack, this capability keeps customers’ websites running smoothly without impacting the network or servers.

SAIC can also provide resiliency and security by putting authoritative DNS nodes inside a customer’s architecture. These hardened nodes contain authoritative DNS records and ensure our clients remain up and running when parts of the Internet are failing.

These aaS offerings also include cyber situational awareness capabilities by providing near real-time, high-resolution Border Gateway Protocol data, giving organizations visibility into their data as it travels over the Internet.

“We are honored to be working with a stellar company like SAIC to deliver superior solutions to customers whose presence and security on the global Internet is paramount,” said Community DNS President Adam Suri.

Source: SAIC