BridgeSat changes name to BridgeComm

BridgeSat, Inc., based in Denver, CO announced on July 16 its official corporate name change to BridgeComm, Inc. Supporting the company’s vision to provide organizations worldwide with fast, secure, enterprise-grade broadband services, the name change reflects its role as an OWC pioneer in growing marketplaces adjacent to the space sector, where it has built strong relationships among public, private and government organizations.

“With support from our investors and our strategic partner Boeing, we have made a deliberate decision that best represents our focus and the growing demands of our customers,” says BridgeComm’s CEO Barry Matsumori. “While we are still committed to providing solutions to enable advances in the space ecosystem, we are at the forefront of developing solutions for high-growth markets, specifically terrestrial and airborne, where 5G and United States Government demands are increasing at a rapid pace.”

Launched in 2015, BridgeComm garnered attention as the first organization to commercialize OWC and begin development of a global network of optical ground stations designed to support complimentary fixed and mobile terminals that provide high-bandwidth, high-security solutions for unique applications. A wireless technology offering rapid point-to-point data transmission via beams of light that connect from one telescope to another using low-power, safe, infrared lasers in the terahertz spectrum, OWC holds tremendous potential to augment RF, fiber and mmWave technologies and extend the capabilities of the terrestrial fiber grid—particularly in hard-to-access environments and in areas where cell towers do not currently exist.

Analytics firm Research and Markets predicts the global OWC market will experience significant growth by 2023 at an estimated compound annual growth rate of 33.49 percent, from $229.2 million generated in 2017. In addition to space exploration and future opportunities for 4G and 5G networks, prominent applications include intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and backhaul.

“Working across industry sectors to bring integrated, multi-domain solutions to market, we look forward to BridgeComm’s evolution,” added Matsumori, whose company is engaged in a wide range of U.S. Government activities, with several commercial airborne lasercom projects well underway. “As a terminal agnostic provider of OWC solutions, we are proud to be at the leading edge enabling a new era of connectivity.”

Source: BridgeComm