NSA accredits Sylint for Cyber Incident Response Assistance

Sylint Group, Inc. of Sarasota, FL announced on August 1 that it has received accreditation from the National Security Agency (NSA) for Cyber Incident Response Assistance (CIRA). Sylint is now one of only 16 companies in the U.S. recognized by the NSA as having met their standards to provide cyber incident response services to government agencies, public companies, non-profits and other organizations.

“Sylint is a highly agile team of cyber professionals and licensed investigators able to quickly and discreetly respond to incidents,” said Charles Shugg, senior partner at Sylint. “We move rapidly to assess the situation, contain the incident, limit damage and help restore our client back to operational status.” Shugg added, “one of our senior partners is actively involved in every case, giving our clients unprecedented levels of expertise and attention.”

Sylint (pronounced sīlənt) is a nationally recognized cyber security and digital data forensics firm, with a penchant for discretely addressing some of today’s biggest headline-grabbing data breaches, cyber incidents, and precedent-setting court cases. While the firm will not release specific names, they note their clients include Fortune 500 companies, AmLaw 100 firms, NGO’s, celebrities, non-profits and government entities.

Founded in 1999 by John Jorgensen, a former member of the US government intelligence community, and his son Serge Jorgensen, Sylint is a team of experts in advanced technologies, techniques and proven investigative protocols to uncover data theft, fraud, malicious conduct, sabotage and other nefarious activities. Recent cases include investigating intrusions into government networks, cyber extortion, ransomware, nation-state attacks, Medicare fraud, credential trafficking, celebrity stalking and child exploitation.

Source: Sylint