BlackSky wins high-frequency imagery services contract

On June 12, Herndon, VA-based BlackSky Technology Inc. announced that it was awarded a multi-year, more than $30 million contract to provide on-demand, real-time high-frequency imagery services to an international defense sector customer.

“BlackSky is an instrumental part of this customer’s day to day operations, improving situational awareness through high-frequency, dawn-to-dusk imagery and AI-driven analytics,” said Brian O’Toole, BlackSky CEO. “Built upon years of a well-developed partnership, this contract triples this customer’s demand over the next two years.”

“By securing priority, assured capacity, this contract also demonstrates how customers are ensuring guaranteed access where and when needed for their most important operational needs,” O’Toole continued.

BlackSky delivers thousands of high-resolution images and analytics every month to organizations worldwide, delivering transparency and insights into border crossings, nuclear and port facilities, and other economically critical infrastructure at scale.

“BlackSky is a trusted mission partner to the most demanding customers in the world and this contract reflects the confidence in our high-value imagery and analytics for operational use, and the growing demand for our capabilities that contribute to the bottom line,” said O’Toole.

Source: BlackSky

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