BlackSky launches on-demand intelligence analysis bundle

Herndon, VA-based BlackSky announced on April 22 its new Spectra On-Demand Secure Bundle to support remote work options for intelligence analysts. The new Spectra solution allows analysts to securely share unclassified information. The Spectra On-Demand Secure Bundle includes the ability to review multi-source data feeds, obtain timely access to satellite imagery and gain resources for event analysis.

“Given the coronavirus pandemic, intelligence analysts, financial analysts and researchers are seeking solutions that allow teams to continue critical security and intelligence projects while working remotely,” said Brian O’Toole, CEO of BlackSky. “Our Spectra platform offers a blend of secure tools that help analysts continue monitoring the globe, even when constrained to working from an offsite location.”

The Spectra On-Demand Secure Bundle offers unique global monitoring and satellite imaging including:

  • Global activity monitoring: Access, coordination and management of a wide range of open and commercial monitoring sources
  • Comprehensive commercial satellite imagery: Fast tasking and delivery with rapid access to image archives
  • Automated tipping and cueing: Rapid selection and tasking of the right sensor at the right time
  • Secure online environment for analyst collaboration, publication and dissemination: Internet accessible and unclassified resources

 Strategic focus for the new Spectra On-Demand Secure Bundle includes site, activity and crisis monitoring while leveraging ad-hoc imagery ordering. Intelligence analysts can access data from BlackSky’s satellites and multi-source event feeds in addition to information from third-party satellite sensors. BlackSky offers low latency, rapid task collection, frequent revisits and temporal diversity across time of day with imaging satellites in Sun-synchronous and mid-inclined orbits.

 “Our offering provides one pane of glass for deep visibility and access to the data and analytics our customers need, delivered within a matter of hours,” continued O’Toole. “With our extensive experience combining AI- and ML-driven analytic models and geospatial images, BlackSky’s ‘first to know’ global monitoring capabilities are already playing a crucial role supporting the redistributed workforces of U.S. analysts.”

Source: BlackSky