Black Cape emerges from stealth mode

On December 18, Black Cape, a new Arlington, VA, and Austin, TX, based startup focused on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and mission applications for the U.S. National Security enterprise, announces its recent emergence from stealth mode.  Three of the Black Cape founders, Al Di Leonardo, Abe Usher, and Brian Poe are serial entrepreneurs who built HumanGeo and then Radiant Group into a successful data analytics company with contracts in every major defense intelligence agency.  After their acquisition by private equity, and then their sale to the publicly traded DigitalGlobe, they envisioned a new future for how AI and ML could revolutionize the national security enterprise.

In Black Cape, these U.S. Army and defense industry veterans are building a powerful team of seasoned, mission focused software developers and subject matter experts to help modernize the way that Federal agencies conduct intelligence analysis and their support to operations.  As Co-CEOs, Al Di Leonardo and Abe Usher will leverage their extensive experience working with analysts, operators, and mission leaders to apply technology to improve outcomes.  The Black Cape team will introduce their own AI and ML capabilities and also employ other partner developed technologies to address the data challenges faced across the national security enterprise.

As Abe Usher recently commented in a speech at an AI/ML summit at the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, “Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning must move beyond research & development and good ideas in the academic domain, to deployed mature capabilities that directly support the Warfighter in a tangible way.”  In pursuit of this vision, Black Cape’s main focus is to get machine learning and automation technology deployed for real mission impact. Al Di Leonardo added that, “We believe more than ever that the national security mission requires unprecedented modernization.  Our known, liked, and trusted Black Cape technology team will be well-positioned in 2020 to advance the U.S. Government’s AI and ML capabilities in the same way that our former HumanGeo technology team evolved analysis with the Nerd Brigade and Rapid Feedback Team.”

Source: Black Cape