Berico Technologies’ geoparsing tool, CLAVIN, now available on Amazon Web Services

Berico Technologies, LLC of Reston, VA announced on January 25 the release of its award-winning geoparsing software package, CLAVIN 2.0.0, on Amazon Web Services (AWS). CLAVIN (Cartographic Location And Vicinity Indexer) extracts location names from unstructured text in documents and data streams, resolving them against a gazetteer.

“We’re excited to make CLAVIN available through AWS,” said Berico Chief Technology Officer Jeremy Glesner. “It provides a distribution channel to our customers and a means for our users to request direct tech support. We’re confident customers in a variety of fields will make CLAVIN part of their data analysis toolkit.”

Designed in 2012 in response to a customer need for geoparsing and resolution, CLAVIN was deployed as a key component of an analytic platform built on top of Apache Hadoop. Since then, Berico has continued to advance CLAVIN and release it to the open source community. CLAVIN is currently used by multiple commercial companies and government agencies.

The CLAVIN software package parses large volumes of documents and data streams for location names, handling misspellings, alternative names, and ambiguous references while resolving these references against the GEONames gazetteer. CLAVIN enhances analysis of geographic data, with internal tests yielding 75% accuracy and an average processing speed of 100 locations per second. Once resolved, CLAVIN provides location data, such as alternative names, latitude/longitude coordinates, country codes, populations, elevations, and time zones. Berico intends to release new features quarterly, including adding additional gazetteers and using alternate geoparsers.

Source: Berico Technologies