Basis Technology Startup Program empowers Big Data entrepreneurs

Basis Technology Basis Technology’s Startup Program, which makes Rosette’s professional-grade, multilingual text analytics accessible to high-impact, early-stage startups, is off to a strong start.

“This year’s applicants to the Startup Program are pursuing a wide range of text-based challenges, from big data curation, to examining the nuances of word choice in a single document,” Carl Hoffman, CEO of Basis Technology said. “We’ve seen the pace of innovation in this area increase exponentially in recent years as the massive onslaught of data — the majority of which is text — continues to outstrip human capacity to cope with it.”

Startups are recognizing that by turning to Rosette’s professional-grade text analytics, they can focus on their core innovation, and avoid spending time cobbling together an open source solution, or re-inventing the wheel by developing their own text analytics solution. Rosette analyzes text in over 40 languages providing language identification, part-of-speech tagging, base noun phrase detection, entity extraction, name translation, and fuzzy name matching.

Successful early alumni of the program include Luminoso (teaching computers to think with human-like common sense reasoning), Recorded Future (mining Web data to help firms anticipate risks and capitalize on opportunities), and Zoomd (anticipating and offering the “next action” to Web surfers to increase site stickiness and site revenues).

“Rosette enables us to expand beyond English to collect intelligence from a global network of sources in European, Asian, and Middle Eastern languages, resulting in deeper insights for our customers,” said Christopher Ahlberg, CEO and co-founder of Recorded Future.