Babel Street partners with the Institute for the Study of War

Babel Street, the world’s leading data-to-knowledge company, announced on July 18 its new engagement with the Institute for the Study of War (ISW). ISW will utilize the Babel Street Insights platform and Insights APIs to support strategic open-source research and analysis on the most critical conflict areas around the world.

ISW is a non-partisan 501(c)(3) organization, advancing an informed understanding of military affairs through reliable research, trusted analysis, and innovative education. Since the start of the war in Ukraine, ISW has become the most widely mentioned think tank in the world. The organization has a strong reputation for accuracy and the ability to translate complex military concepts and specialized information into formats accessible to a more general audience.

“Babel Street Insights offers unparalleled intelligence from open-source data, providing essential rapid insights into complex and dynamic situations,” said Kimberly Kagan, Founder and President of ISW. “The cross-lingual capabilities and AI-powered risk automation enable us to identify patterns and track volatile but often opaque areas with hyper-local situational awareness to achieve a greater understanding.”

Babel Street Insights will support multiple analytic teams across ISW with several focuses. Key areas of analysis conducted by ISW include daily updates on the war in Ukraine; analyzing popular sentiment in Iran and regime succession; monitoring Chinese tensions with Taiwan and public persuasion campaigns; monitoring media in the Middle East and Syria; and more.

The U.S. and other Western leaders routinely receive ISW reporting and research, which is made available to the general public, military practitioners, policy makers, and members of the media. The Babel Street Insights platform’s ability to leverage publicly available data (PAI) from foreign sources at scale provides essential global situational awareness for the ISW.

“The ISW is a highly respected analysis team and think tank with unparalleled readership in open-source intelligence,” said Michael Southworth, CEO of Babel Street. “At Babel Street, we’ve designed our Insights platform to be powerful and user-friendly, ensuring quick adoption even in high-stakes environments. Our partnership showcases our ability to accelerate time to insights, enabling ISW to delve deeper into complex situations and communicate strategic insights effectively.”

Source: Babel Street

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