Babel Street and Boeing Intelligence & Analytics expand partnership

On July 25, Babel Street and Boeing Intelligence & Analytics (BI&A) announced their expanded partnership. This powerful combination is set to further enhance the capabilities of the Think, Analyze, Connect (TAC) application in providing military decision-makers with strategic and tactical intelligence in conflict zones, including the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict.

The TAC application, led by BI&A on behalf of the US Government, will leverage Babel Street’s Rosette to provide multilingual text analytics, integrating enhanced publicly and commercially available information from Babel Street’s Insights platform to augment traditional intelligence collection. The result is more comprehensive and verifiable, all-source analysis delivered through a single pane of glass.

“The expanded collaboration with Babel Street brings us closer to realizing our vision of a safer world,” said Roxanne Wood, CEO and President of Boeing Intelligence & Analytics. “Babel Street’s proven technology, combined with our experience in developing and delivering advanced solutions, will undoubtedly result in a more robust, versatile tool for intelligence analysis and military decision-making.”

BI&A has worked with Babel Street for several years since they integrated Rosette Text Analytics for data enrichment inside BI&A’s internal research laboratory known as i3 Lab. The successful integration resulted in improved searches on text data sources, providing deep insights from large volumes of diverse, multilingual content while drastically reducing the time required to derive these critical insights.

The newly expanded partnership between Babel Street and BI&A aims to extend the boundaries of this integration, infusing OSINT into analysis for extended situational awareness and a more comprehensive view of data analysis.

“Our partnership with BI&A signifies an essential advancement in military decision-making processes. The Babel Street Insights platform is specifically designed to navigate the complex terrain of modern identity intelligence and risk operations with a systematic three-step approach: Match, Analyze, and Score,” said Michael Southworth, CEO of Babel Street. “The integration of this sophisticated, AI-powered technology into the TAC application swiftly provides decision-makers with actionable intelligence, ensuring national security.”

This development comes on the heels of Babel Street’s recent strategic partnership with the Institute for the Study of War (ISW), further showcasing the transformative potential of the company’s technology in providing in-depth intelligence from diverse sources.

With this expanded collaboration, Babel Street and BI&A are poised to revolutionize the capabilities of the TAC application, aiming to provide the US Government and other institutions with a powerful tool for real-time, collaborative analysis and improved decision-making.

Source: Babel Street

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