Army TRADOC exercises first year $34.2 million contract option with CGI

CGI 112CGI of Fairfax, VA announced on August 18 that the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command Intelligence Directorate (TRADOC G2) has exercised a $34.2 million, year one option for Operational Environment (OE) core functions, part of a $124 million, five-year contract awarded to CGI last year.

TRADOC G2 defines, describes and delivers the Operating Environment (OE) for U.S. Army training.  The OE provides the training scenarios, threat replication and data needed to assure Army units are prepared to meet the challenges of complex environments, including traditional military as well as asymmetrical and hybrid threats.

With TRADOC provided, CGI-enabled OE design tools and products, Army Intelligence leaders, staff and units will receive the type of high fidelity training environments needed to prepare them to anticipate and dominate, no matter the country or region-specific mission requirements involved.

CGI option year one deliverables include:

  • publication-ready region and country-specific operational environment studies for operational planning, exercise, mission rehearsal, and individual/staff training for units across the Army
  • scenario development tools and a force-wide data repository
  • classroom-ready instruction, mobile training team augmentation, and combat training center support.

“We are delighted that TRADOC G2 has recognized our years of experience, subject matter expertise and deep commitment to its mission success,” said Pat Dougherty, senior vice president, CGI. “We look forward to our continued involvement in this vital work.”

Source: CGI Federal