Army program director for Aerostats posts sources sought

Army 112On September 9, the Army Contracting Command released the following sources sought notice for systems engineering and technical assistance (SETA) support services to product director for aerostats. Responses are due by 4:00pm EST on September 23.

The purpose of this Sources Sought Announcement is to identify potential sources with the technical capability and necessary resources to provide systems engineering & technical assistance (SETA) to include but not limited to, program management, engineering, logistics, business, operations, customer assistance, site survey, and security support services to the Product Director (PD) Aerostats, Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD.

PD Aerostats is tasked with providing SETA subject matter expertise to its program’s customer base and more importantly the War Fighter both Continental United States (CONUS) & Outside Continental United States (OCONUS). CONUS & OCONUS locations include (but are not limited to): U.S. Africa Command, U.S. Central Command, U.S. European Command, U.S. Northern Command, U.S. Pacific Command, and U.S. Southern Command. PD Aerostats continues to preserve the integrity of the United States Army through persistent focus on assisting, supporting, and protecting the War Fighter. PD Aerostats consist of the following programs: Persistent Surveillance System Tethered (PSS-T); Persistent Threat Detection System (PTDS); Persistent Ground Surveillance System (PGSS); Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Combat Systems, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (C5ISR).
Services required will include but are not limited to the following:

  • OCONUS assistance in providing battle staff training to commanders and units, which helps commanders and units to identify capabilities associated to the aerostat programs applicable to PD Aerostats and how the system can be used effectively in support of their mission.
    • OCONUS assistance to provide forward project support actions on behalf of PD Aerostats, which includes efforts such as: participate in local meetings, conducting discussions, presenting briefings, and coordinating and reporting for ongoing project activities.


  • OCONUS assistance to track overall system operations, provide recommendations on spare and consumable requirements and agreements that U.S. Forces need to effectively reconstitute sites, and provide PD Aerostats daily updates on the aerostat programs applicable to PD Aerostats.
  • OCONUS assistance in conducting site surveys to determine suitability of potential locations for stationing, operating, and sustaining as well as their eventual removal, to include but not limited to considering both the concept of operations and the existing U.S. and coalition sectors ISR architecture during suitability analysis.

    • Assistance in theatre to the Government and military operational units as they develop and process theater required documentation packages to obtain materials and resources for site preparation, crew support and habitation, and site protection.
    • Assistance with performing various logistics functions support including coordination of personnel and material requirements in theatre for all deployed systems and regional supply centers in-theatre.

  • Engineering support including site survey analysis, interoperability testing, cyber security and report generation.

Full information is available here.

Source: FedBizOpps