Andrew Hallman steps down as ODNI principal executive

On February 24, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) released the following statement from Andrew Hallman, ODNI’s Principal Executive:


“Today I will step down as the ODNI’s Principal Executive. When I assumed the duties and responsibilities of the Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence last September, I did so with enormous respect and admiration for the women and men of the Intelligence Community (IC). I was humbled to work alongside Joe Maguire, a lifelong patriot and public servant, and serving the community in this role has been the honor of my career.”


“As I prepare to depart, I have complete confidence in the IC workforce and the enduring qualities of the community — stability, integrity, and relentless dedication to serving the nation. These qualities will guide the IC through this next chapter and the uncertainties that come with change. The vital intelligence our IC professionals provide to the nation’s leaders will continue to protect Americans and defend the values for which so many have paid the ultimate sacrifice. The excellence that is the keystone of the IC — the hallmarks of our work — will continue to thrive.”


Source: ODNI