Altamira wins NGA HIFLD task order

Altamira Technologies Corporation  of McLean, VA announced on February 7 that it has been awarded the Homeland Infrastructure Foundation Level Data (HIFLD) Transportation Data Task Order (TO) under the NGA Janus IDIQ. Altamira’s work on HIFLD enables NGA’s mission to provide geospatial intelligence analytical services to policy decision makers and federal agencies in support of the nation’s homeland security initiatives.

Altamira data scientists support the NGA in building a single HIFLD geospatial database to enhance domestic operational, situational and strategic awareness of the nation’s infrastructure. For the HIFLD effort, Altamira has successfully completed an initial delivery—encompassing geospatial data on the NORTHCOM area of interest—that will support homeland security crisis and consequence management, preparedness planning, analysis and protection.

“On this task order, Altamira and our strategic partners bring industry leading GEOINT and data science innovations to consistently deliver high-quality geospatial data in support of the homeland infrastructure initiative,” said Jonathan Moneymaker, president of Altamira Technologies. “The HIFLD contract award and our successful Phase One Data Submission emphasize Altamira’s commitment to supporting our customers in their mission to advance GEOINT throughout the homeland security space.”

Source: Altamira