Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center uses Vigilant’s license plate recognition system


ACJIC emblem Vigilant Solutions announced on April 24 that the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center (ACJIC) has implemented Vigilant Solutions for its hosted license plate recognition (LPR) analytics and LPR data.

ACJIC purchased seven mobile license plate recognition systems from Vigilant Solutions for statewide enforcement efforts. The seven systems have been deployed around the state and are managed by an ACJIC account on Vigilant Solutions’ hosted law enforcement data center.

The use of the Vigilant data center allows for the data to be easily accessed by authorized users from any Web browser, and also eliminates the need for investment in server hardware while ensuring scalability and data security.

Vigilant Solutions’ cloud data center also provides a simplified approach to LPR data sharing. Alabama agencies using Vigilant Solutions — such as the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, Hoover Police Department, Bessemer Police Department, Auburn Police Department, and others — have the ability to automatically share their LPR data to the ACJIC for statewide investigative efforts.

In addition to Alabama agencies, other Vigilant agencies nationwide, such as Dallas and Atlanta which share the I-20 corridor, may also choose to share with ACJIC. Agencies using competitive LPR systems may be integrated into the Vigilant data center to take advantage of Vigilant’s secure and scalable cloud-based solution.

Vigilant’s LEARN software, which also resides on the Vigilant law enforcement data center, provides powerful querying along with exclusive analytic tools to generate investigative leads and insights and ultimately bring cases to closure more quickly.

“Vigilant is proud to add the ACJIC to its list of satisfied customers, and we look forward to their insights into how we can continue to build out our product capabilities to assist our law enforcement customers in their very important jobs of protecting our families and communities,” said Tom Joyce, vice president of product development and a retired Lieutenant/Commander of the New York City Police Department.

To see a video about Vigilant’s “Locate Analysis” capability, click here.