Air Force Space Command posts Space Enterprise Vision sources sought

On August 30, the Air Force Space Command issued a sources sought notice for the Space Enterprise Vision requirement for the Space and Missile Systems Center (Solicitation Number: FA8806-17-C-0001). Responses are due by 5:00 p.m. Pacific on September 15.

This Sources Sought Synopsis is being issued solely for information and planning purposes; and, does not constitute a solicitation, nor is this notice a request for quotations. DO NOT submit a quote or proposal in response to this Synopsis. The purpose of this Synopsis is to gain insight into existing Industry capabilities and systems. It is aimed at receiving feedback from industry on the capabilities out there to perform SE&I support within a diminished timeline due to the urgency of this Space Enterprise Vision (SEV) requirement directed from Space and Missile Systems Center (SMC) leadership.

Program Details: The focus of this performance-based Systems Engineering & Integration  (SE&I)  contract is to support Space Enterprise Vision (SEV) and Space Warfighting Construct (SWC) requirements, gain support for new and on-going efforts in all phases of the acquisition life cycle and standardize systems engineering processes across the three programs called Air Force Satellite Controll Network (AFSCN), the Launch and Test Range System (LTRS), and the Space Training Acquisiton Office (STAO).  Services acquired will support RN programs’ integration requirements by establishing relationships, processes, and other execution tools needed to overcome the technical, operational, and cultural challenges of operational acceptance. This requirement will standardize SE&I capabilities across RN’s three separate and distinct program by bringing the individual systems engineering processes to acceptable levels of maturity and then making these processes common across RN programs, as well as across Space and Missile Systems Center (SMC).
The Range and Network Programs currently covered by the SE&I contract provide the common ground system infrastructure needed by all SWC capabilities; satellites, launch vehicles and command & control systems. The Range and Network Program Office has been directed to further develop, maintain, and sustain the envisioned enterprise-level ground architecture to support the SWC. Given the dependency of all SWC assets on the Range and Network architecture and the Enterprise Systems Engineering Council (ESEC) to govern the implementation of the SWC, the SE&I contractor providing engineering services to the ESEC must be intimately knowledgeable of all current technical aspects associated with both the Range and Network ground architectures.

Full information is available here.

Source: FedBizOpps