Air Force Cyber launches 12N12 effort

Leaders from the 16th Air Force, Air Force Cyber, recently launched an initiative called 12N12 to streamline its cyber weapon systems tools. Launched on July 1, 12N12 aims to replace, reduce and consolidate the tools, systems and applications operators and analysts employ within the cyberspace security and defense mission area by July 1, 2020.

“The goal is to reduce the number of applications in our cyber weapon systems, which in some cases are as many as 70, to about a dozen, and do so in 12 months or less,” said Col. Sean Kern, 26th Cyberspace Operations Group commander. “But this is absolutely not just a technology initiative. It is about our Airmen, and our ability to produce a highly trained and ready cyber force that possesses the appropriate tactics, techniques, procedures and tools to gain and maintain operational access for core missions and generate desired effects in and through cyberspace.”

According to Steve Barker, 16th Air Force director of requirements, 12N12 aligns with strategic initiatives focused on simplifying and improving full-spectrum weapon systems using agile methodologies to best prepare for future peer-adversary threats.

“12N12 will reduce the complexity of our systems, allowing Airmen to gain deeper expertise in the tools they use as well as posture our enterprise for future change,” Barker said.

The end state calls for replacing aged, single-purpose tools with newer, multi-purpose tools, the service branch said.

Source: U.S. Air Force