AFRL posts REFLECT call for white papers

On April 7, the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) posted a call for white papers for the Radio Frequency (RF) Electronic Warfare (EW) Focused Laboratory Evaluations of Critical Technologies (REFLECT) effort. White papers are due by 4:00 p.m. Eastern on May 8.

AFRL/RYW has a need to investigate and develop methodologies, tools, techniques, and capabilities to identify susceptibilities and mitigate vulnerabilities in avionics systems, protect those systems against cyber-attack, provide simulation capabilities required to develop, mature and transition advanced sensor and avionics technologies, develop platform architecture technologies that enable revolutionary and agile capabilities, and expand emerging open system architecture standards and approaches for existing and next-generation Air Force and DoD weapon systems in multi-domain environments.

The goal is to explore new and emerging concepts related to development, integration, assessment, evaluation, and demonstration of cyber security, open system architecture (OSA), novel avionics and sensor technologies, and multi-domain technologies. For this solicitation, avionics is defined to include manned, unmanned, autonomous, and remotely piloted vehicles, on-board Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) systems, Electronic Warfare (EW) systems, munitions, and any equipment, component, or subsystem that could compromise mission assurance of the Air Force weapon system or tactical platform.

This specific call will focus on the Electronic Warfare piece of the avionics. The REFLECT Call will cover development of advanced Electronic Warfare simulations (RF and digital), threat model design and development, evaluation and demonstrations of sensor systems, and cutting-edge technology development to mature and transition Electronic Warfare systems and capabilities in the RF domain.

This is a two-step call. The first step requests a white paper and rough order of magnitude (ROM) cost. The white paper shall include a discussion of the nature and scope of the research and the offeror’s proposed technical approach(es).

Review the full AFRL REFLECT call.

Source: SAM

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