York Space Systems completes CDR for Harbinger mission

York Space Systems, based in Denver, CO, announced on February 28 the successful completion of the Harbinger Mission Critical Design Review (CDR) leveraging the company’s industrial-grade S-CLASS spacecraft platform.

“We’re delighted to pass another critical milestone in our march forward towards rapid and affordable deployment of space missions. We look forward to continuing to deploy complete turn-key solutions for our customers,” said Robert Baltrum, vice president of engineering at York Space Systems.

The detailed technical review, conducted by representatives from the Army Space and Missile Defense Command (SMDC) and the Air Force, took place at York Space Systems’ new spacecraft design and production facility in Denver. The review included a tour of Metropolitan State University’s Advanced Manufacturing Institute capabilities, which are being used to accelerate the production of the S-CLASS platform. The spacecraft is currently being constructed at York’s facility and will be demonstrated for government customers with its Multi-Mission Operations Center, located in the same building.

The S-CLASS platform is the backbone for three additional constellation missions performing earth observation, celestial monitoring, and national defense.

“The York team continues to demonstrate their ability to execute quickly and efficiently. The success of this CDR marks a significant milestone for the S-CLASS platform and the capabilities the Harbinger Mission will demonstrate for the Army. We are happy to be a part of this mission and are eager to help ensure mission success,” said John London III, chief engineer for Army Space and Missile Defense Command (SMDC) Space and Strategic Systems Directorate.

“Completing this successful technical review with such positive comments from our customer and partner network is another huge step towards the cost revolution for space businesses,” said Charles Beames, Executive Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer for York Space Systems. “York’s ability to deploy this mission, and others already under contract, from a singular platform represents a sorely needed capability for customers across all segments. The S-CLASS platform’s ability to conduct virtually any low Earth orbit mission at a significantly lower price point, makes it a key enabler for the resiliency desperately needed by operators everywhere. The board of directors, our strategic partners, and the rest of York Space Systems are all tremendously proud of the team and their execution against the Army’s pressing launch schedule.”

Source: York Space Systems