xG Technology receives contract to supply xMax cognitive networking equipment to U.S. Army Intelligence Electronic Warfare Test Directorate

xG tech 112xG Technology, Inc. (“xG” or “the Company”) of Sarasota, FL announced on April 19 that is has received an initial order to supply xMax software-defined cognitive radio (SDCR) networking equipment to the U.S. Army’s Intelligence Electronic Warfare Test Directorate (IEWTD). The order, received under a sole-source solicitation, consists of an xMax software defined cognitive radio (SDCR) system and associated hardware and software that will serve as a mobile tactical communications infrastructure.

xG Technology was selected for its unique ability to provide a robust expeditionary communications capability that is highly resistant to electronic attack, suitable for augmentation of integration into currently-fielded tactical military communications systems, following sponsored participation in several DoD electronic warfare exercises. Additional testing and technology evaluations determined that xG Technology was the sole vendor having an immediately deliverable implementation of SDCR technology. xG will deliver all equipment within 30 days.

This represents the second order received from the U.S. military by xG Technology for an xMax tactical wireless broadband system. On October 26, 2015, xG announced that it received an order from a Department of Defense agency for xMax equipment and services.

George Schmitt, CEO and Board Chairman of xG Technology, said, “This order is further evidence of the need for xG’s industry-leading interference mitigation technologies in mission-essential communications. The U.S. Army has recognized the value of xMax as interference-resistant tactical broadband communications with an unprecedented combination of robustness, interoperability and insulation from the effects of contested and congested spectrum.”

Source: xG Technology, Inc.