Voyager Labs announces relocation to U.S.

On October 19, Voyager Labs announced that it is moving its headquarters from Israel to the United States to advance the operations and growth of the company. Courtney Bromley, who joined Voyager Labs in March 2022 to lead the U.S. business, will now oversee all global staff and operations as CEO of Voyager Labs, Inc.

“We are excited to launch the next phase of our growth strategy with this relocation and change in global leadership,” said Avi Korenblum, founder and former CEO of Voyager Labs. “Moving our business operations to the U.S. positions Voyager Labs to better serve our fastest-growing markets which include the U.S. federal government as well as state and local law enforcement and prosecution agencies.”

Under Bromley, Voyager Labs’ U.S. business is on-pace for record growth in new contracts as well as achieving 100% customer renewals this year. “In her brief tenure as U.S. CEO, Courtney has injected focus and discipline into our business strategy and elevated our service to customers,” said Korenblum. “With her exceptional business acumen and deep experience in growing and supporting technology businesses, Courtney is the perfect leader for our global business going forward.”

A former high-ranking intelligence officer, Korenblum founded Voyager Labs in 2012 to help public safety organizations leverage emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), to improve the speed and accuracy of investigations. Under Korenblum’s leadership, Voyager Labs has built a team of world-class AI researchers, data scientists and engineers and expanded from one platform to a portfolio of market-leading solutions addressing key use cases and challenges for national security and law enforcement investigators.

Voyager Labs’ unique technology enables investigators to easily search, sift and analyze massive amounts of complex, unstructured data to quickly obtain relevant insights, uncover hidden connections, and generate new leads. In the U.S., Voyager Labs solutions are used by federal, state and local law enforcement and prosecution offices, as well as Fortune 100 and other corporations, to tackle many of the nation’s most pressing public safety and national security challenges, including terrorism, narcotics and human trafficking, gangs, and financial fraud (including anti-money laundering (AML)).

“Thanks to Avi’s leadership, Voyager Labs is well positioned for rapid growth,” said Bromley. “I am honored to take the reins from Avi and become Voyager Labs’ CEO, and I am thrilled to lead the company’s accelerated expansion to enable more organizations in the U.S. and worldwide to advance public safety.”

Source: Voyager Labs

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