Veritone launches new government division

Veritone Inc. of Newport Beach, CA announced on June 19 that it has formed a new division, Veritone Government, to provide solutions for federal, state and local government agencies to analyze audio and video files using the more than 65 best-of-breed artificial intelligence engines within the Veritone Platform, and has hired Eric Hansen to lead strategic business development for the new division.

As Veritone continues its expansion into new vertical markets, Hansen will be responsible for expanding the new Veritone Government division through the implementation of competitive strategies, partner relations and community outreach to deliver government agencies actionable insights from orchestrated cognition.

Veritone Government customers can now upload large volumes of video and audio recordings into the Veritone Platform and process them quickly, enabling agencies and mission stakeholders to rapidly extract actionable information for use in investigations, monitoring and surveillance, as well as to respond more quickly and efficiently to public record requests. Unlike many intelligence solutions commonly available, Veritone Government equips large and small organizations with capabilities to conduct multivariate, generalized searches using many cognitive engines at once to create dimensional data results.

“The Veritone Platform enables government agencies to save thousands of hours of manual searching by using intelligent audio and video analysis, allowing workers to focus time and resources on more mission-critical tasks,” said Eric Hansen, vice president of Veritone Government. “Not only does it help agencies gain insight into current data, our technology assists government customers in key areas such as investigation and intelligence analysis, full motion video analysis, public safety transparency, digital evidence management, compliance and public media monitoring.”

Hansen is a business leader in the government analytics market, focusing his passion for AI, machine learning and applied analytics solutions to solve mission critical challenges of the US government. Since retiring from the US Army, Hansen has held numerous positions enabling technology and programmatic support to a broad swath of Government agencies, including DOD, the IC, FBI, DOJ, DHS, Transportation and Commerce.

“To gain true benefit from cognitive engines and to derive actionable insights from audio and video data in real-time, agencies should turn to technology, like ours, that allows them to add dimension and context to their data,” said John Newsom, executive vice president of Veritone and general manager for Veritone Government. “Based on his 30 years of experience with the federal government and software companies, we believe that Eric is the perfect strategic business development leader for Veritone Government.”

Source Veritone