Verint Introduces facial recognition technology built for real-world environments

Verint Systems Inc. of Melville, NY announced on April 4 the availability of its new facial recognition technology designed to work with organizations’ existing infrastructures to deliver highly accurate, automated and intelligent identification capabilities in real-world environments. Ideal for mission-critical security applications, Verint FaceDetect is powered by computer-based, multi-layered algorithms designed to operate in today’s most challenging security scenarios.

The new Verint FaceDetect analytics solution incorporates neural networks and deep learning intended to imitate and even exceed a human’s ability to recognize, according to the company. This approach allows the technology to adapt to and learn from new situations, similar to the way the human brain operates. Verint FaceDetect—which is GPU-based to achieve optimum performance, accuracy and scalability—is designed to support advanced facial recognition in real-world environments with heavy traffic and diverse populations, rather than relying on one-to-one scenarios.

Verint FaceDetect is easy to install in existing environments, and supports 10 cameras per GPU and video streams from any IP camera, including PTZ video surveillance devices. In addition to identifying individuals regardless of face obstructions, suspect aging, disguises and ethnicity, the solution features both real-time and forensic comparison capabilities against large databases with millions of faces. It also allows operators to instantaneously add suspects to watch-lists. Leveraging these advanced analytics, organizations can streamline investigations and empower operators to make rapid, informed decisions without expensive and time consuming infrastructure changes.

“Verint is a driving force behind the development of intelligent solutions that allow customers to advance their strategic security efforts,” says Verint’s Alan Stoddard, vice president and general manager, situational intelligence solutions. “Our FaceDetect solution helps organizations automate intelligence gathering, and take a more proactive approach to business and security intelligence, all while increasing the return on their technology investments.”

Source: Verint