VATC’s Common Database Builder installed with Special Operations Command

Visual Awareness Technologies and Consulting Inc. (VATC), based in Tampa, FL, announced on July 12 that it has installed its Common Database Builder technology product at select government sites within Special Operations Command and other agencies, including the organization that produces and maintains 3-D visualization databases and enhanced geospatial data for simulated training exercises with Special Operations Forces. As part of the installation, VATC’s software product will be used for the first time to assist in training and exercise mission planning and rehearsal with the U.S. Air Force at Hurlburt Field and with the U.S. Army at Fort Campbell.

“VATC got its start serving SOF, and we designed CDB Builder with our deep knowledge of that community’s existing capabilities and evolving needs,” said Sara Moola, VATC’s co-founder and CEO. “Based on that understanding, VATC’s CDB Builder allows users to view a common operational picture, quickly adjust and manipulate their data and see a real-time impact, all at a lower cost than any previous solution available. We believe that this innovative tool will play a critical role in transforming mission readiness for SOF and conventional forces.”

CDB Builder is VATC’s open-standard geospatial database tool for enhanced synthetic visualization. The builder provides users with a 3-D map of the world that can be manipulated to reflect different conditions and visualizations, including night vision, forward-looking infrared, radar and computed-generated forces. Users can build their own models and share them system-wide in real-time, enabling greater collaboration among forces in singular or joint exercises. At select sites within SOCOM and other agencies, CDB Builder will be used in its first live trial for users to offer feedback and data for VATC to generate features customized for additional capability needs.

Source: VATC