VATC to launch EPIC Ready platform at I/ITSEC 2016

vatc_logoVisual Awareness Technologies and Consulting Inc. (VATC) of Tampa, FL announced on November 22 that it will unveil a new technology solution for mission readiness — EPIC Ready™ —at the 2016 Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference. Built on decades of technical expertise and tactical experience from geospatial experts and in-field operators, EPIC Ready™ will launch as the first comprehensive, product-based training solution of its kind able to quantify mission readiness and meet the interoperability, security and preparedness needs of the modern military.

“VATC’s four decades of operational experience make us uniquely positioned to understand the budgetary, interoperability and readiness challenges that our customers face,” said Sara Moola, co-founder and CEO of VATC. “We developed EPIC Ready™ to close the gaps in currently available training with a system that maximizes individual and force mission readiness through a measurable, realistic exercise experience. With EPIC Ready™, our Armed Forces can get the sophisticated preparation necessary for combat in an increasingly complex world.”

EPIC Ready™ is a cloud-based or appliance-delivered platform that creates fully integrated training experiences. Using a combination of geospatial analytics, human dynamics factors and performance-driven metrics, the platform provides a common operational environment, realistic training effects and quantifiable results. EPIC Ready™ is made up of three pieces that combine to generate the most realistic Distributed Mission Operations environments ever created. These pieces include:

  • Common Database Builder— Provides enhanced command and control (C2) and geospatial visualization, allowing users to build, edit and share 3-D models for a uniform training experience.
  • Digital Media Replicator — Enables participants to engage in the most realistic environments possible by aggregating digital media information to inform intelligence and operations and enhance training and exercise effects.
  • Planning and Analysis System —Improves rapid field review and deepens the combat preparedness assessment by measuring training performance against mission objectives, becoming the first real-time system to quantify mission readiness.

Source: VATC