Utilidata announces expansion of cybersecurity offering

UtilidataUtilidata, Inc. of Providence, RI announced on July 18 a ramp-up of its cybersecurity efforts, leveraging the potential of the company’s Signal Intelligence Engine (SIeTM) through a new application to detect cyber-attacks on the grid. This application, to be launched commercially in the second half of 2016, is the first in a series of new product releases that will focus on ensuring grid stability and security by identifying compromised circuits in real-time, deep within a utility’s physical infrastructure.

As the market leader in real-time voltage and reactive power management, Utilidata has demonstrated expertise turning its monitoring capabilities into actionable intelligence and automated control—helping electric utilities optimize power delivery, save ratepayer dollars, and mitigate risk. Utilidata also is uniquely positioned to help its customers detect and respond to persistent attacks as the distribution grid becomes more networked and cyber threats increase.

“We believe that protecting the power delivery system is one of the greatest challenges facing our leaders today,” said Scott DePasquale, chairman and CEO of Utilidata. “At Utilidata, we are focused on unlocking the potential of our technology to provide real-time operational insights that can be leveraged to protect a power grid that is becoming more and more connected. Now that our platform development and core energy efficiency applications are mature and scaling in the market place, we are looking to aggressively recruit additional talent in cyber and industrial control systems security.”

Source: Utilidata