USSOCOM seeks next-gen identification tech

On April 5, the United States Special Operations Command posted a sources sought notice for its Next Generation Identification and Awareness Initiative.  

This is a solicitation for parties interested in participating in projects sought by the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), Program Manager Special Programs (PMSP) for state of the art technologies and capabilities for the Next Generation Identification and Awareness Initiative (NGIA). NGIA is established to meet requirements in the following focus areas:

1: Standoff Biometric Sensors: development, testing, fielding and integrating of ground based sensors and multispectral sensors (includes visual, thermal, hyperspectral imaging, etc.) that will collect and process information relevant to biometric requirements.

2: Remote Sensor Emplacement and Control: autonomous emplacement, control, and sustainment of standoff sensors focused on collectively deriving high fidelity information on identities, locations, and actions.

3: Data Fusion and Information Architecture: technologies and technical processes and enhancing the reliability, assurance, integration, interoperability, delivery, value of data and information assets. This focus area will include specialized technology capabilities that capture ingest, process, analyze, and visualize data to gain actionable incites.

NGIA innovative capabilities include but are not limited to the ability to integrate multiple domain sensors to collectively derive high-fidelity information on identities, locations, and actions.

The NGIA’s purpose is to form a sphere of technological excellence made up of participants from industry, non-profit organizations, and not-for-profit entities able to rapidly and efficiently propose and carry out, the development of prototype solutions that sustain and expand strategic superiority within broadly stated special operations focus areas of interest. It is intended that participants will perform a strategically important role in developing systems focused on the development, demonstration and transition of resilient and dynamic technological capabilities critically necessary for the Nation’s special operation forces.

Full information is available here.

Source: FedBizOpps