USSOCOM announces solutions meeting for VAS tech

On October 29, the U.S. Special Operations Command posted a needs statement ahead of an upcoming solutions meeting. All applications to participate in the solutions meeting must be received on or before 5:00 p.m. Eastern on November 29.

United States Special Operations Command is interested in improvements and enhancements to visual augmentation systems (VAS) and related auxiliary technologies. This also includes Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) solutions for Head’s Up Displays (HUD) and fusion of disparate data sources into a common visual display. The Department of Defense Rapid Reaction Technology (RRTO) Innovation Outreach Program will partner with SOCOM to conduct a Solutions Meeting in the Laurel, MD area in February 2019. The Solutions Meeting provides selected innovative companies with an opportunity to make short technical presentations to government representatives about their technologies and products. There is potential that companies may be selected for pilot projects or experimentation if their technology appears to match the needs described below.

United States Special Operations Command is looking for innovative technologies and capabilities in the following topic areas (candidate technology can be a stand-alone system or a potential component of a system):

Heads up Display (HUD)
  Transparent display
Compatible with night vision goggles (NVG)
High Definition/Low Latency resolution
Wide field of view
Integrated head/eye tracking capabilities
Cognitive Load management
All lighting and weather conditions
Visual acuity through obscurants
Customizable Displays
Personalization/Optimization for individuals
Materials for lightweight visors
Low/No light/RF emissions
Digital diopter setting

Augmented/Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning 
Holographic display
Gaming Technologies
Neuromorphic computing/engineering
Synthetic training/operational environment

Enhanced Optical Characteristics
Scratch resistance
Liquid repelling

Integrated Helmet
Conformal Liner
Integrated power data transfer

Multi Sensor Data Fusion and Processing
Digital Terrain Elevation Data (a priori)
Geo-rectified imagery
Low latency displays
3D imagery in real-time
GPS denied position navigation and timing (PNT)
Wireless data sharing (to eliminate cables)
Edge computing/on board processing
Analog to Digital video conversion
Data compression algorithms

Interoperable Targeting and Designation Capabilities
Multi-spectral/tunable lasers
Multi-spectral/tunable beacons/emitters
Multi-source data ingest, overlays and transmission
Multi-spectral/tunable sensors

Small Battery/Power Sources
Improved performance
High power density
Novel charging capabilities
Ballistic protection

High data rate optical communications
Underwater Communications
– Visual
– Audio
– Magnetic
Video transmission and reception
3D Audio

Smart Fabrics and Sensors
Monitor vital signs
Wearable computer systems
Fast drying materials
Flexible/wearable sensors

Full information is available here.

Source: FedBizOpps