USMC posts RFI for Fall 2019 IT Industry Stakeholder Outreach Innovation Symposium

On July 31, the U.S. Marine Corps posted a request for information ahead of the Fall 2019 IT Industry Stakeholder Outreach (IT-ISO) Innovation Symposium. Responses are due by 2:00 p.m. Eastern on August 30.

Marine Corps Systems Command Portfolio Manager (PfM) Supporting Establishment Systems (SES) is issuing this RFI to assess current and emerging technological systems and capabilities, which would enhance the technologies utilized by the Marine Corps to benefit mission accomplishment. This RFI constitutes market research in accordance with FAR Part 10 and is not a Request for Proposal.

 Information Technology Industry Stakeholder Outreach (IT-ISO) was established in 2017 by PfM SES to foster industry and stakeholder relations through outreach and collaboration as well as hosting symposiums. The goal of these symposiums is to provide a forum for government labs, academia, and industry experts to collaborate and exchange information regarding emerging technologies, capabilities, and products that will enhance the aptitude of the Marine Corps warfighter. The first symposium was held in April 2019 and featured industry and stakeholder presenters covering the topics of Cloud, Data Analytics, Cybersecurity, and Artificial Intelligence. Given the event’s success, the Marine Corps wants to reengage industry to discuss future technologies and gather insight as to the benefit and transition steps required to take advantage of these emerging technologies.

The Fall 2019 IT-ISO Innovation Symposium is an open forum event and requires registration.  Technical leads and companies are invited to participate based upon submissions solicited in this RFI.  Responses should address technologies that are aligned to the 2018 National Defense Strategy and the 2025 Marine Corps Operating Concept as well as identify the future of the IT environment. Areas of interest include (but are not limited to): Hardware Virtualization; Cloud Computing; Edge Computing; Software-Defined Networking; Data Center Consolidation of Disparate Systems; and Preparing for 5G.

Data submitted in response to this RFI will be used to assess emerging technologies for discussion during the upcoming Fall 2019 IT-ISO Innovation Symposium. The discussion will enable industry and stakeholders to evaluate current technologies utilized, the transition requirements to advance systems/equipment, and examine the benefits for the warfighter in the adaption of the new technologies. Additionally, it will raise awareness to the technologies available to assist in the management and security of: C4 Networks; Cyberspace Operations; Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations; Information Environment Operations; Information Management; Information Technology; and Intelligence.

Full information is available here.

Source: FedBizOpps