USCG’s SURVEYOR achieves ATO status

On February 5, HII announced that its Enlighten subsidiary, based in Columbia, MD, supported the U.S. Coast Guard in achieving a three-year “authority to operate” (ATO) status on its Integrated Data Environment known as SURVEYOR.

SURVEYOR is the U.S. Coast Guard enterprise cloud-based data architecture launched in 2022, to consolidate Coast Guard data source silos and enable the use of data as an enterprise strategic asset for data-informed execution of Coast Guard business and mission operations.

Enlighten’s cybersecurity measures helped fortify SURVEYOR, ensuring the protection of sensitive data crucial to the Coast Guard’s operations. The three-year ATO status underscores the reliability, efficiency and advanced capabilities that Enlighten brings to the forefront of maritime data analytics.

“Enlighten has emerged as a lead partner in building our data fabric and advancing the capabilities of SURVEYOR,” said Capt. Brian Erickson, the U.S. Coast Guard’s chief data and artificial intelligence officer. “This partnership provides the Coast Guard with new tools utilizing big data for enhanced maritime and cybersecurity mission areas.”

The collaboration between Enlighten and the Coast Guard significantly improved the platform’s efficiency, allowing for streamlined data management and quicker access to critical information, ultimately bolstering the decision-making process. Enlighten’s innovative solutions also empowered SURVEYOR with advanced technologies that enabled the Coast Guard to harness the power of big data to enable maritime safety and security.

“We are honored to contribute to the success of the Coast Guard’s SURVEYOR platform,” said Cody Hunt, Enlighten’s director of product. “Achieving this significant milestone reflects our commitment to excellence and innovation in supporting critical national security initiatives.”

Source: HII

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