LeoLabs to join SSC’s TAP Lab Apollo Accelerator

On February 5, Menlo Park, CA-based LeoLabs announced it has been selected to participate in the U.S. Space Systems Command’s Space Domain Awareness (SDA) Tools Applications and Processing (TAP) Lab Apollo Accelerator. This program enables LeoLabs to demonstrate its AI-powered solutions for combat ID and space battle management.

“Maintaining a continuous watch of space is critical to prevent surprise and secure this domain,” said LeoLabs CEO Dan Ceperley. “As the commercial leader in all-weather, 24/7 radar coverage of low Earth orbit, we’re uniquely positioned to leverage the millions of data points we receive daily to build powerful AI tools that continuously monitor, characterize, and alert anomalous space activity. Our team is excited to showcase these tools during TAP Lab.”

During the three-month TAP Lab cycle, LeoLabs will further test and refine its solutions for SDA by responding to a given scenario related to threat warning and assessment. This includes the company’s solutions for object characterization, maneuver detection, non-cooperative launch tracking, and patterns-of-life analysis, as well as its management dashboards.

Source: LeoLabs

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