USCG Cyber Command posts training RFI

coast-guard-112On October 25, the U.S. Coast Guard Cyber Command posted a request for information (RFI # HSCG79-17-R-RFI0001). Responses are due by 2:00 pm EST on November 28.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS), U.S. Coast Guard Cyber Command’s (CGCYBER) primary mission is the active defense of all Coast Guard data, computer networks and systems, against all threats. CGCYBER is responsible for Computer Network Defense (CND) tasking as assigned by cognizant Coast Guard and Department of Defense authorities and in accordance with applicable Directives, Instructions and Business Policy.

CGCYBER has a requirement to procure cyber security training for CGCYBER personnel located in Washington, DC and Alexandria, VA. The required training will vary between the following categories: Commercial Courses Resulting in Certification (1.A), Commercial Training for Software Tools (1.B), and Custom Training Based on Curriculum and Material Owned by Coast Guard Cyber Command (1.C). CGCYBER has a continuing need for access to qualified personnel with the required knowledge and experience to facilitate or procure training (to include seats, materials and exam vouchers for courses intended to result in certification). Due to the rapidly evolving nature of cyber security, CGCYBER has a need to send members to training on irregular intervals which would require a vendor to procure training on potentially short notice. The number of seats required per instance will vary from one to many. Responses to the RFI will need to include details of how such training may be provided. In addition, the vendor will be prepared to provide variable technical and project management assistance in establishing, configuring, and maintaining a Simulation, Training, and exercise Platform (STEP) environment which replicates the USCG’s unclassified network, CGOne, with identical routers and firewall hardware components (1.D.)

Full information is available here.


Source: FedBizOpps