On December 1, the U.S. Army posted a request for information for a Communications Accessory Suite Land (CASL) (Solicitation Number: SOF007CASL-RFI). Responses are due by 12:00 p.m. Eastern on January 10.

THIS IS a REQUEST FOR INFORMATION (RFI) in support of United States Special Operations Command (USASOC) for market research and to find communication ancillary devices / systems which are interoperable with the Next Generation Handheld (NGHH) radio and capable of meeting the attached requirements. This opportunity is being afforded to commercial industry by USASOC and United States Special Operations Command Program Manager Special Operations Forces Survival, Support and Equipment Systems (PM-SOF SSES). The intent of this opportunity is to assess the initial suitability and effectiveness of applicable systems and components for consideration of follow on testing, and potential procurement and fielding of the Communications Accessory Suite Land (CASL).

PURPOSE: United States Special Operations Command, in their pursuit of a technologically advanced Communications Accessory Suite compatible and interoperable with the Next Generation Handheld (NGHH) radio, and in concert with PM-SOF SSES is investigating the ability of industry to meet the performance requirements of this program.

Full information is available here.

Source: FedBizOpps