US Air Force seeks sources for DGS-X contractor operations and support

Air Force 112On January 5, the US Air Force published a “sources sought” notification (labeled AF DCGS DGS-X) on FedBizOpps. The deadline for responses from interested contractors is 5:00pm on January 23, 2015. Full information is available here.

 The Air Force Life Cycle Management Center (AFLCMC), Command and Control, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C2ISR) Division is conducting market research to seek qualified sources for the support of Distributed Ground System – Experimental (DGS-X) operations by providing subject matter experts, engineering and other contractor support for the establishment, integration, certification & accreditation, maintenance of the Air Force Distributed Common Ground System (AF DCGS) weapon system, and operation of the DGS-X site.

The Contractor shall provide an effective mix of personnel to adequately support DGS-X operations. The mix of personnel may include, but are not limited to, the following: Administration, Configuration Managers, Engineers, Information Security Officer/s, Infrastructure Managers, Logistics Managers, Network-Communication Manager/Engineers, Network-Communication Technicians, Network/Communication Journeyman, Operations Managers, Project Lead Imagery Intelligence (IMINT), Project Lead Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), Project Managers, Security Managers, System Administrators, System Administrator Lead, and Test Managers. Please see Attachment 2 for list of desired qualifications.

There are many positions that require AF DCGS experience.  All positions shall require having a background check within the last five years and contractors must be eligible to receive and retain a TOP SECRET/Sensitive Compartmented Information (TS/SCI) clearance within thirty (30) days of their respective start date.

Analyst services sought include:

  • Orchestrating individual testing events: scheduling, configuration processes, installation preparation, security and site acceptance testing, final performance testing, validation/verification, and post event reports.
  • Designing tests steps for new intelligence exploitation hardware and software.
  • Interpreting raw imagery and/or signals intercepts received from various airborne sensors.
  • Using or assisting government operators in developing new AF DCGS Tasking, Processing, Exploitation and Dissemination (TPED) processes with new hardware, software and airborne sensors.
  • Evaluating working parameters of new sensor systems for ground intelligence operations.
  • Experience requirements include:
    • Working knowledge of Deployable Ground Intercept System and Ground Control Processor system
    • Working knowledge of AF DCGS Imagery Intelligence (IMINT) System and subsystems
    • Operational knowledge of current AF DCGS Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) and Imagery Intelligence (IMINT) Processing Exploitation and Dissemination (PED) operations and Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs)
    • Experience authoring technical/analytical reports for testing activity findings
    • Operational mission management and crew supervision experience
    • Operational testing and validation experience
  • Intermediate program Management Skills (Understanding of acquisition lifecycle, scheduling, coordination of multi-layer assets)

Information Technology (IT) services sought include specialized technical support to integrated and standalone systems for AF DCGS as required, as well as intermediate level – break/fix and system administration and ISSO services to include, but not be limited to:

  •  Loading approved software baselines and user familiarization,
  • Technical support during video teleconferences (VTCs),
  • Website enhancement and administration,
  • Network user management and network security,
  • Workstation administrative and technical support,
  • Network performance analysis, troubleshooting, configuration, and implementation,
  • Testing, staging, installation, removal, and de-installation of equipment,
  • Pulling cables and installing network drops, fabrication of both fiber and copper terminations,
  • Relocating equipment,
  • E-mail administration,
  • Pre-acceptance inspections, site survey interpretations, and
  • Completing disposition forms to ship back equipment no longer needed after Time Compliance Technical Order (TCTO) installs.

Software/ Firmware Maintenance capabilities sought include:

  •  Maintain workstation/server Commercial Off the Shelf Technology (COTS) operating system software,
  • Manage user accounts for workstation/server access; work with the Information Assurance Manager (IAM) and Information Assurance Office (IAO) to ensure proper paperwork is on hand for the accounts,
  • Manage print services and IP addresses for the printers where applicable,
  • Manage enterprise virus scanning software and updates where applicable,
  • Interface with higher authority for approval of user accounts and network access,
  • Create and manage user directories on the workstations/servers, (UNIX and Windows)
  • Monitor workstations/server logs for errors and failures and perform appropriate troubleshooting and maintenance,
  • Maintain accurate system-wide configuration management control,
  • Perform backups and restorations of workstations servers, where applicable,
  • Support site visits to include those for accreditation and security assistance, and new system installs,
  • Research new technologies and software upgrades to workstations/servers for familiarity and to keep up with current technological developments,
  • Document System Administration procedures and instructions,
  • Maintain network equipment (including hardware and software), and
  • Notify appropriate maintenance control functions in accordance with local procedures prior to and after performing maintenance activities,
  • Working knowledge of AF, DoD, National Security Agency, and National Geospatial Agency Security regulations and directives, and
  • Program management experience (cost, schedule, and performance)

The Air Force Life Cycle Management Center, C2ISR Division will be assessing the level of market interest and competitiveness to this acquisition based on responses to the following:

  1.  Does your firm have qualified personnel available to meet security requirements?
  2. Does your firm have demonstrated experience in providing both AF intelligence analyst and IT services?
  3. Is there a conflict of interest? Due to the center’s mission to evaluate software and hardware being evaluated/prepared for fielding to AF DCGS; companies that sell, build, or maintain products for that system cannot provide manpower services to DGS-X.

Contractors responding to this shall submit the following information to the Command and Control, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C2ISR) Division by 23 January 2015:

  1.  Company information to include: a. Points of contact, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers; b. Identification as a large United States (US) business, small US business, or a foreign business.
  2. A summary of the company’s related capabilities based upon responses to the questions in the aforementioned paragraph.

Source: FedBizOpps