Ultra I&C unveils expeditionary SATCOM MEO capability

On March 10, Ultra Intelligence & Communications (Ultra I&C) announced the addition of Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) capability for its expeditionary SATCOM antenna and terminal solutions. Ultra I&C is adding MEO support for 1.0 meter to 2.4 meter flyaway terminals. The MEO addition complements existing GEO capability, making the Ultra I&C terminals truly multi-orbit capable.

MEO satellite networks are ideal for high-bandwidth, low-latency communications applications in remote areas—often a key requirement for government and defense organizations. Ultra I&C’s flyaway terminals are built to be highly transportable and resilient while providing exceptional RF and tracking performance. Now these terminals will have dual support of GEO and MEO constellations via introduction of MEO upgrade kits. MEO constellations can be tracked in “Make-Before-Break” mode for uninterrupted connectivity, or alternatively in “Break-Before-Make” mode if transportability is prioritized. The terminals can also accommodate various field-swappable MEO modems and feeds for mission flexibility.

Ultra Intelligence & Communications is a leading global specialist in the design, development, supply and support of a complete range of advanced lightweight, portable flyaway terminals, driveaway satellite antennas and troposcatter equipment for secure communications. The company’s solutions scale from very small manpack solutions which can be deployed in minutes, to medium-sized systems and large troposcatter systems. Ultra I&C has been providing SATCOM solutions to systems integrators and armed forces around the world for over 25 years.

“The addition of MEO to Ultra I&C’s SATCOM solution line is an important step in providing our customers with greater choice and flexibility”, said Keith Blanchet, vice president of business development for Ultra I&C’s Communications unit.  “Ultra I&C has a broadly capable and certified family of systems that offer multi-orbit, multi-band and multi-bearer capability for government and defense applications. “

Source: Ultra I&C

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