UBIC begins Lit i View XAMINER training in Japan

Lit i view EXAMINERUBIC, Inc., a provider of international litigation support and big data analysis services, announced on July 3 that it has held the first training session for law enforcement investigators in Japan in the use of its Lit i View XAMINER software, a state-of-the art digital forensic tool used by law enforcement to identify and investigate cases of corporate fraud and other illegal activities.

Although the training was planned to commence on July 1, 2014, UBIC pushed ahead the start date of the training to the end of June in response to customers’ requests. UBIC expects its training program to help encourage the establishment of an investigative methodology as it relates to the use of the company’s cutting-edge technology.

UBIC’s Lit i View XAMINER forensic investigative software is an artificial intelligence (AI)-based tool that quickly and accurately examines very large volumes of electronic communications. The software features UBIC’s Central Linkage function that maps relationships within and between organizations and its Virtual Data Scientist technology, which represents a further evolution of UBIC’s predictive coding technology. Equipped with this cutting-edge solution, law enforcement investigators can quickly analyze enormous volumes of data to identify patterns and trends that strongly indicate potential illegal activity.

The speed and accuracy of UBIC’s Lit i View XAMINER software in organizing, characterizing and identifying information enable a small, well-trained investigative team to execute the work of a much larger organization with a greater level of accuracy and cost-efficiency.

“As the volume of data examined in investigations of corporate fraud and other cases of illegal activities continues to grow, it is becoming increasingly difficult to quickly complete probes through conventional means of investigation alone,” said Masahiro Morimoto, UBIC chairman and CEO. “To resolve this problem, UBIC has developed several AI-based technologies that help to quickly and accurately examine very large volumes of email communications, office documents and other electronic data. We are happy to bring this solution the market, and enable investigators and law enforcement officers in Japan to use it most efficiently through our training program.”

Combining the latest techniques with the latest technology

Taking advantage of expertise acquired over many years of conducting complex forensic investigations, UBIC’s two-level training program combines forensic investigation best practices with the use of Lit i View XAMINER’s next-generation digital audit solution capabilities.

The first-level of the program, Lit i View XAMINER Fundamental, trains investigators to master the basic operation of the Lit i View XAMINER software and to integrate that basic capability into the forensic investigation process.

The second-level of the program, Lit i View XAMINER Professional, is a sophisticated and intensive training regimen in the use of UBIC’s AI-based Virtual Data Scientist software, an integral feature of Lit i View XAMINER and the latest evolution of UBIC’s predictive coding technology, and UBIC’s Central Linkage function, which maps relationships within and between organizations. Finally, the Professional course provides guidance on how small teams of investigators can combine technique and technology to achieve significant time- and cost-efficiencies.