U.S. Attorneys want business intelligence platform to enhance effectiveness of their databases

Oracle 11g database The Executive Office for United States Attorneys (EOUSA) would like to hear from companies that can provide flexible, easy-to-use business intelligence platforms that would enable EOUSA to perform better data mining and data analytics in two of the key databases used by the 94 EOUSA offices across the country.

The data mining and data analytics would be performed within the Legal Information Office Network System, or LIONS, which is a case management system, and the USA-5 system, which tracks how USAO personnel spend their time, explains a “sources sought” notice published by the Department of Justice on March 13.

EOUSA emphasizes that this is a market survey only, not an RFP or an invitation for bids, but would like to hear from capable companies with questions by March 21 and with submissions by March 28.

“EOUSA’s requirements call for a user-friendly, intuitive tool that requires minimal training,” says the DoJ notice. “EOUSA needs interactive dashboard capabilities; predictive modeling and reporting; and the capacity to generate both ad-hoc and canned reports.”

“Each of these databases, as well as the existing data warehouse, is Oracle 11g,” explains the notice.

Questions and submissions should be directed to Wayne Gibson, chief of the office of planning, evaluation and performance at EOUSA, at Wayne.Gibson@usdoj.gov.